Advantages Artificial Grass/Turf

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

More and more home gardens and lawns owners are switching to artificial grass. This outdoor/indoor artificial grass actually has many different types such as in-fill, non-in-fill, and hybrid grass. The ones used at home are non-infills while it is in-fills that are used on 3G and 4G sports pitches. Football competitions, World Cup, and Rugby Super teams competition all use hybrid grass which is a combination of real and fake grass.

While the artificial turf has become a trend, a good number of homeowners still turn up their noses to this option. Here are the Advantages of Artificial grass.

Terrific for under trampolines and above-ground pools

This is a seldom-listed advantage of artificial grass. Natural grass tends to die under trampolines and small kiddy above-ground pools because it doesn’t get sunlight. If you know you’re going to put in these fun backyard items, consider sectioning it off for artificial grass. I know from firsthand experience with my friend’s backyard down the road where he has artificial turf under their large trampoline. Just for fun, he put in a small putting green next to the trampoline.

Looks good all the time (with no effort)

The artificial grass you can buy looks amazing… just like real grass. It stays green year-around, is the perfect height all the time (no mower required) and frees up those nights you need to bust out the lawnmower. Win, win and win.